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It’s the last three responses!

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((OOC I just noticed the fact that you kept Travis' longass pinky from the original artwork of NMH in the banner and this pleases me))

((OOC: YES lmao i tried to be really true to Kozaki’s PR illustration but on a mini scale haha))

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((OOC Question: what do you think about Killer is Dead er I mean KIRU IS DEDU? And the other recent grasshopper titles?))

((OOC: I’ve seen a lot of Killer is Dead via my friend who runs FYGM and I think it looks pretty cool! I haven’t played it yet though but I want to eventually.

When Lollipop Chainsaw first poked its head out I was excited for it BUT it went downhill FAST. VERY VERY FAST. w/shitty fanservice promotions and it turned out that all it had going for it was “LET’S SHOW J-NIG’S TITS ALL THE TIME TO GET BUYERS.” it worked out for them sure, but it’s not really in my highest regard anymore and I’m not looking to play it. I heard it had mediocre gameplay anyway.

Black Knight Sword looks good. I remember seeing the first preview of it in a GM live stream. Shadows of the Damned is another I want to play - I’m pretty late to the game on it because I still don’t have a PS3 LOL but yeah. ))

Maybe I have some kinda sixth sense?

Like on those creepy-ass spirit medium shows..

Do you ever have the time for a one on one lesson with beam katanas?

I ain’t no teacher…

Unless you wanna get killed, of course.

In which case, you’d have to get in line.

How does that work man???

((OOC: Hey guys if I do like

a timelapse process/speedpaint video of some Ask Travis responses

is that something that you guys would watch?

thinking about making one soon))


Hold up, I’m getting a call from a bitch in hell.